About LGBTed

What is it?

LGBTed.uk (formerly OutTeacher.org) is a website to tell help LGBT teachers be the role models they needed when they were younger. Nobody should feel they need to hide who they are at school, but we recognise that this is harder in some schools than others.

Simply by being adults who are comfortable being openly gay, bisexual, lesbian or trans* then we show being LGBT for what it really is – natural and usual.  This website will contain:

  • Case studies and stories of teachers and other school-based (or college-based) professionals who are out at school, hopefully with supportive statements from senior leadership teams, pupils and parents.
  • Information from teaching unions, the Department for Education and from C of E and Catholic Schools on their ‘official line’ on being openly LGBT in school. This will initially be focused on England but we hope to extend this to other countries in time.
  • Links to support sites, including EllyBarnes.com, Stonewall, Schools Out and others, where education professionals can get further information and guidance on how to make their schools more LGBT friendly.

How can you help?

In order to make this site work well we will need:

  • Web admins: people who can create and edit blog posts and pages, upload videos and images, and post links to social media.
  • Graphic designers: who can help our site look its best.
  • Video designers: who can work with contributed videos to create persuasive and compelling content.
  • Legal advisers: who can ensure that LGBTed.org is fully up to date with the law and won’t get anyone (or itself) in to trouble, especially around the area of employment law and equal opportunities/discrimination law.
  • Media supporters: who can help spread the word in the media (mainstream media, education sector media and gay media, as well as others) by featuring the site and the stories on it.
  • Contributors: people who can contribute their stories to the site (see below for more).

Our case studies and stories

We’re looking for stories that showcase out LGBT teachers. Ideally we would like

  • Videos (up to 6 minutes) or blogs (up to 1000 words) telling the story of why you (or a colleague/teacher) came out, why it was important, and the reaction from others.
  • Reactions from senior leader and other colleagues, if possible.
  • Reactions from pupils (current or former) explaining why they think it’s a good thing.
  • Reactions from parents (current or former) explaining why they supported it.

David new large

This site was created by David Weston (@informed_edu), a former secondary school teacher and the founder and CEO of the Teacher Development Trust. David decided to be out at school in 2010. You can read more about his story here and here. It is now run with Daniel Gray, a teacher who came out in 2017 and now works to improve visibility of LGBT role models in schools. You can follow him on Twitter @OfficialMrGray

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  1. Hi – I have only just found your site (through the Chartered College bulletin) and would love to attend the event you have on 2nd June, but it’s during half term so like most of my colleagues, I’m not around to make it. Do you run smaller scale things more often?

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